1. Strings sheet music cover of Race to the River, composed by Mekel Rogers.

Race to the River

Composer Mekel Rogers

Early in 1781, during the American War for Independence, Colonial General Nathaniel Greene and British General Lord Cornwallis covered over 250 miles across North Carolina with their armies in an attempt to reach the Dan River. The “Race to the Dan” was a pivotal moment in the war as Nathaniel Greene outmaneuvered Cornwallis to reach the Dan River first and restock his army. Greene was then able to severely weaken Cornwallis’ army a month later at the Battle of Guilford Court House, forcing the British to head to Yorktown for supplies. Cornwallis was defeated at Yorktown by the combined forces of General Washington’s Colonial army and the French Navy, essentially ending the American War for Independence.

Race to the River allows young strings students the opportunity to play music that portrays elements of this historic event. The marching of troops, the skirmishes between the two armies, and the arrival at the river are all described musically. Please enjoy Race to the River.

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