1. Strings sheet music cover of It's Raining Cats & Dogs, composed by Ingrid Koller.

It's Raining Cats & Dogs

Composer Ingrid Koller

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs is perfect for your beginning orchestra’s spring concert! It is based on a familiar old joke: “When it is raining cats and dogs, be careful you don’t step in a poodle!” This level one orchestra piece is a great selection for a beginning orchestra concert. The simple melody uses only the notes of the D Major scale on the D and A strings. It begins with pizzicato raindrops and of course later includes “barking” and “meowing.” Each section gets a chance to try both techniques and each section gets the melody.

An optional idea that would no doubt improve intonation, would be to have the kids sing the melody acapella or while playing the easy raindrop accompaniment. A viola TC as an alternative to a viola part is included.

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