Strings sheet music cover of Down by the Salley Gardens, arranged by David Bobrowitz.

Down by the Salley Gardens

Composer David Bobrowitz

"Down by the Salley Gardens" is based on a poem by Yeats written in 1889. It is thought that the Salley Gardens refer to the banks of the river at Ballysadare near Sligo town in County Sligo, Ireland. Over the many years there have been several versions of this traditional Irish song, and arranger David Bobrowitz has given us a new, beautiful version that is playable by young players.

The opening introduces the melody, without harmonization, in octaves in Violins 1 and Cellos. The piece in G major, gets the full ensemble treatment starting at the pick up to bar 10. The melody is passed to the cellos at bar 18 with tremolo upper strings accompanying. Bar 27 sets up an unexpected pizzicato version which begins in earnest at bar 32. It's back to the bow at bar 40 in a brief version that hints at the melody. At bar 47, a solo violin gives way to the cello section at for a final brief remembrance that will fade out.

This is a wonderful arrangement that will develop musicianship, and be a delight for audiences!

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