Strings sheet music cover of A Forest Snowfall, composed by David Bobrowitz.

A Forest Snowfall

Composer David Bobrowitz

In this evocative string work, composer David Bobrowitz uses the power of music to spur vivid, nostalgic images in the minds of listeners.

Hearing the extremely moving melodies and harmonies of this work can easily put one's mind into a day of walking through a dark green evergreen forest on a cloudy, winter day. Suddenly the grey clouds open up to a snowfall of thick, white flakes that land coldly on your face. Although chilly, you are oh so taken with the beauty of the moment! The flakes begin to stick to the ground and the trees, and the mix of white and green paint a truly beautiful picture.

"A Forest Snowfall" can be a gorgeous addition to any string concert, and especially appropriate for a winter concert.

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