1. Strings sheet music cover of Ordinary Courage, composed by Sarah Siegler.

Ordinary Courage

Composer Sarah Siegler

Ordinary Courage is a quietly stunning work that celebrates the “ordinary courage” of everyday life. The courage it takes to wake up and go to school when you’re not feeling well and take the test anyway. Or, the courage it takes to move to a new city, start at a new school and meet new friends. Everyone at times has to face an ‘ordinary’ event where the courage it requires of them is actually really a lot and should be celebrated!

The quiet cello solo at the beginning portrays the special type of courage it takes to be a musician, to play a solo in front of your friends or a large audience. Then the rest of the sections take turn playing the beautiful melody. There is a contrasting minor middle section that moves more quickly, describing the inner battle when we don’t feel as brave as we wish we were at one time or another. Then, the major melody returns, and the struggle transforms to a triumphant courageous conclusion. The cello solo has the last word, reminding everyone that with ordinary courage, we can do extraordinary things!

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