Strings sheet music cover of Jupiter Reimagined, composed by David Bobrowitz.

Jupiter Reimagined

Composer David Bobrowitz

The four-note sequence, C - D - F - E can be heard as far back as ancient plainchant, as in Josquin's, "Missa Pange Lingua". Mozart chose to use this same note sequence as the starting point in his exciting last movement of his final symphony, the "Jupiter" Symphony No. 41. Composer Bobrowitz has reimagined this famous motif as the basis for a new string orchestra piece written in contrapuntal style.

The A section starts immediately with no introduction. At measure 41 a transition takes us to the B section which appears at bar 46. At measure 66, the four note motif occurs in stretto, which leads to the actual return of A that winds into a dramatic conclusion.

All the player parts have a great deal of interest, and show off musical skill and maturity. Exciting to play, conduct, and to listen to, this revisiting of an ancient work, "Jupiter Reimagined", could well be the hit of your concert!

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