1. Strings sheet music cover of Evening Promenade, composed by Jeffrey Hart.

Evening Promenade

Composer Jeffrey Hart

A peaceful, reflective walk at sunset is the main idea behind this piece. During the opening chord progression, the performers should work to shape the chords as expressively as possible while playing balanced and in tune. Differentiating between C naturals and C sharps is of the utmost importance throughout the entire piece. The first violins state the primary theme at bar 9, and again in divisi at bar 17, with undulating arpeggios accompanying the latter.

The focus shifts to the lower strings at bar 25, who first introduce the secondary theme, which should be played slightly quicker. The melody then shifts to the violins at bar 33, with the upper divisi violins embellishing with descant harmony beginning at bar 37. The piece winds down in volume and speed, as if the person walking has paused for a quiet moment. The walk resumes at bar 43, but slower this time, and showcasing smaller groups of the orchestra. The piece then slows to a quiet, simple ending.

I hope you, your performers, and your audience enjoy this piece! -Jeff

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