1. Strings sheet music cover of Above Kitty Hawk, composed by Sarah Siegler.

Above Kitty Hawk

Composer Sarah Siegler

Above Kitty Hawk depicts the history-making Wright Brothers’ first flight, from the intense opening rhythms through the exhilarating finish!

In 1903 the Wright Brothers built the powered “Wright Flyer” and made their first short, powered flights over Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. In December Orville wrote this in his journal, “Wilbur started the fourth flight just about 12 o-clock. The first hundred feet were up and down, as before, but by the time it had covered three hundred feet, the machine was in much better control.”

The driving opening creates the plane’s lift-off and then the cello section plays the joyful melody. The other sections all have a turn at the soaring melody and then a brief lyrical section depicts the moment of gliding over the landscape and taking in the beauty. Then the driving rhythms return, and the uplifting melody takes us to a triumphant conclusion. Your students and audiences will love taking the flight Above Kitty Hawk – Enjoy!

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