1. Strings sheet music cover of Legend of Sleepy Hollow, composed by Dennis Eveland.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Composer Dennis Eveland

Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a wonderfully spooky piece that describes the haunting classic tale of the headless horseman. The legend of Ichabod Crane riding through Sleepy Hollow late at night has been told for centuries and remains a favorite ghost story for students to enjoy through literature or movie adaptations. This piece starts very slow and dark, depicting the ominous night and the deep forest.

Then, the piece gets off to a gallop at measure 40 and the horseman is riding. The ratchet and the woodblocks add an essential creepy sound that students and audiences will love. At measure 53, the cello and bass gets to add a moment of “In the Hall of the Mountain King“, from Peer Gynt Suite by Edward Grieg. Don’t be frightened, this piece is an excellent choice for your next concert!

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