Strings sheet music cover of Eine Kleine Bell Musik, composed by W.A. Mozart, arranged by Ronald Wilcott.

Eine Kleine Bell Musik

Composer W.A. Mozart

Arranger Ron Wilcott

This holiday fantasy combines musical ideas from "Jingle Bells" and "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" in a very playful, frolicking way.

The piece starts as a fun setting of "Jingle Bells" accompanied in the cello and bass by an easily recognized motive - the first three notes of Mozart's famous serenade. In the second verse the "Eine Kleine" motive appears quite clearly in the cello and first violin while the second violin, viola, and double bass carry the "Jingle Bells" melody.

A literal quotation of the opening phrase of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" follows and provides a transition into the closing section - a clever paraphrase of "Jingle Bells" with some Mozartian twists.

A fun holiday setting that will keep your players and audience on their toes!

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