1. Strings sheet music cover of Dusty Bridge Blues, composed by Sarah Siegler.

Dusty Bridge Blues

Composer Sarah Siegler

Dusty Bridge Blues was inspired by the common experience every string player has after “Whoops!” putting too much rosin on the bow. Then, the rosin dust flies fast and furious during rehearsal and piles up underneath the bridge…and “oh no, I can’t find my polishing cloth!” Now you have the Dusty Bridge Blues.

This piece gives students the opportunity to dig a fun classic 12-bar blues form with each section getting a chance to play the melody. In the middle section, there are opportunities for students to try improvisation if desired. Chord names are provided, and directors could take more repeats to let more students solo. The addition of optional piano and percussion make this piece a great choice for your students’ first blues experience. Enjoy!

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