1. Strings sheet music cover of Burn Brightly, composed by Jay Coles.

Burn Brightly

Composer Jay Coles

This bright and fiery work, Burn Brightly, for developing string orchestras was written to pay homage to the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing fight for justice and peace in this world. The piece opens with an ominously spirited statement to set the tone for conflict and tension. Come out with intensity at Measure 1. “Punch” that very first note hard. The theme at measure 10 should feel menacing and bold but feel slightly less intense than the opening. Measure 26, however, should match the same level of intensity as the opening. The slow section beginning at measure 52 should feel like “light breaking through the darkness.” For best effect, pay close attention to dynamic markings. This section should almost give off a sense of somberness. Ultimately, my goal is that you and your young musicians, alike, have a good time playing this work and that it inspires you to become a beacon of hope in this world often fraught with evil.

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