1. Strings sheet music cover of Barefoot Boogie, composed by Lorrie Baum.

Barefoot Boogie

Composer Lorrie Baum

Barefoot Boogie is a lively piece written in the boogie-woogie style that developed originally for piano in African American communities around the 1870s and progressed through larger ensembles over time. The genre sprang out of the blues primarily as dance music. Barefoot Boogie offers a fun challenge with a first exposure to playing in an early jazz style. Walking bass lines throughout will delight and challenge the bass players, and all instruments have their turns at the melody and opportunities for solos.

Note to Directors Barefoot boogie should be played with a swing rhythm throughout. The solo section between measures 49 and 72 can be repeated for ad lib solos for any students (or directors) brave enough to give it a go.

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