1. Strings sheet music cover of Heroic March, composed by David Bobrowitz.

Heroic March

Composer David Bobrowitz

The dictionary defines heroic as behavior or talk that is bold or dramatic. Similar words such as brave, courageous, or valiant also can come to mind. In keeping with those descriptions, the composer has given us a Heroic March for string orchestra that incorporates those very characteristics. Musically, a brief introduction leads to a powerful A section starting at measure 5. The A theme is then played a second time at m. 13. The cellos start the B section at m. 22 and the basses follow them a couple of bars later. The B theme, like the A, is repeated, with that starting at m. 30. Measure 38 marks the return to the introduction, and m. 42 marks the return to A. This final A leads to a decisive, dramatic, and heroic ending. Unlike many marches, this march works well even without percussion, and it would make a great concert opener or closer.

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